Who are we

in 1992

Intersteel Aços e Metais

Founded in 1992, Intersteel Aços e Metais is located in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo. With the growth of its brand in the national market, it currently has two branches located in the regions of Chapecó / Santa Catarina and Salvador / Bahia. A nationally owned company, Intersteel aims to distribute stainless steel throughout the country, meeting the needs of small, medium and large companies in the sectors of consumer durables, cutlery, civil construction, hospitals, chemical and petrochemical industries, food, sugar and energy, paper and cellulose, metallurgical, among others.

With modern facilities, Intersteel has storage capacity and diversification across its product line, complying with the most stringent national and international quality standards. Thinking about the best service and satisfaction of its customers, the company has personalized service in its internal sales department and a team of specialized representatives.

Mission, Vision and Values